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There is no “ordinary” work

JCC has focused on “Faith at Work” for years, and here is another great rallying call that reminds us that none of us “just” do our jobs; we are used where God has put in our vocations!

Don’t Forget The Church in Afghanistan

The U.S. may have withdrawn, but God’s people are still there. Our job is to stand with them in prayer.

The Hidden Harm of Gender Transition

How do we understand the issue behind gender transition in our culture today? The Gospel Coalition presents important issues and truths about the topic.

What a Victory for Life Means in Texas

On September 1, pro-lifers cheered as abortions were banned on babies with heartbeats in Texas. Here’s what that new reality looks like for clinics and Christians in those communities.


Top resources

The following websites provide steady content on Christian living and worldview development:
The Gospel Coalition, Bible.org, and Sermon Index. 
JCC missionaries Alan and Sandy White help create resources for evangelism and discipleship around the world through ROCK International  (https://rockintl.org/resources/).
Explore them and find ways to reach your neighbors and co-workers.


Looking to learn more about missions? Try these—Operation World, Joshua Project, and North American Mission Board.
And if you want more structured training, try taking the Perspectives course or Kairos:

Christian news sources

FOX and CNN got you down? Here are some Christian news sources.  Christianity Today, Christian Post, and World News Group.

 Other valuable resources