COVID-19 Resources

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Back to Church: How 5 Congregations Reopened Last Sunday

JCC wasn’t the only church to re-open campus last week. Read about five very different churches and their five very different re-openings.

27 killed, some burned alive...

Twenty-seven of our brothers and sisters were martyred earlier this week by jihadi attacks. Pray for peace but also Gospel expansion in the face of this persecution.

We Need to Be Uncomfortable

In light of the racial conflicts in our country last week, Phillip Holmes says “We need to be uncomfortable.” (This was quoted in last Thursday’s Jamuligans episode.)

Coronavirus and the Second Coming of Christ

Many have begun to ask, “Are we living in the End Times?” John Piper addresses this in an article called “Coronavirus and the Second Coming of Christ


Top resources

The following websites provide steady content on topics pertinent to COVID-19, as well as general Christian living and worldview development:
The Gospel Coalition, Bible.org, and Sermon Index. 
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Looking to learn more about missions? Try these—Operation World, Joshua Project, and North American Mission Board.

Christian news sources

FOX and CNN got you down? Here are some Christian news sources.  Christianity Today, Christian Post, and World News Group.

 Other valuable resources