COVID-19 Resources

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When Will Your Church Be Back to Normal?

Russell Moore offers realistic thoughts regarding the question, “When will church be back to normal?”

The scattered Church and COVID-19

As our physical gatherings are still prohibited, maybe you’ve been asking yourself what “church” is really all about? This interview not only defines church but considers how it can be purified in times like these.

"Church, Don’t Let Coronavirus Divide You."

Amidst all the voices screaming right now about COVID-19, this article from the Gospel Coalition presents numerous Bible verses to guide our spirts as we strive for unity.

How Can We Care for Our Older & At-Risk Members?

Even as more people are “going out,” we should keep in mind those who should or must stay home. This article from 9Marks gives some ideas for caring for older or at-risk members of JCC.


Top resources

The following websites provide steady content on topics pertinent to COVID-19, as well as general Christian living and worldview development:
The Gospel Coalition, Bible.org, and Sermon Index. 
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Looking to learn more about missions? Try these—Operation World, Joshua Project, and North American Mission Board.

Christian news sources

FOX and CNN got you down? Here are some Christian news sources.  Christianity Today, Christian Post, and World News Group.

 Other valuable resources