Missionary of the Month

Jordan Rodseth

Campus ministry at California Baptist University (CBU)
Jordan (Norberg) Rodseth has been doing campus ministry at California Baptist University (CBU) for four years now.  Challenge is the discipleship ministry at CBU. As a ministry, they invite students to know Christ, challenge them to live out their lives as biblical followers of Jesus and encourage them to teach others to do the same. Through a variety of avenues and opportunities, they desire to be disciples who make disciples and pass on that same biblical pattern to students. She believes college students are more reachable, teachable, and send-able in this season of life than in any other season of life. The college years are perhaps the easiest time for people to make major lifetime changes, and she loves getting to be part of that process.
Prayer Requests:
1. For CBU students to put into practice all that they learned at Summer Project.
2. That she be fully funded by August 8th (contact  jnorberg1810@gmail.com to help)
3. For God to prepare the hearts of students during summer, and for many to be saved in the fall!
4. For favor with the soccer team, that she can do team devotions and make connections with girls on the team